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Ryanair – Brand Campaigns and Transcreation

30% saving on production costs

6 ‘Satisflying' TV campaign live in 6 EU markets

NEW streamlined marketing process

8 OOH, Press and Radio campaigns live across EU markets

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Ryanair is a business which moves very fast, frequently altering its course. That is the Ryanair way, constantly evolving – which is why we were so interested in the flexible model pioneered by OLIVER.

Kathleen Moore - Head of Brand Communications

Before coming to OLIVER, creative origination and versioning for Ryanair’s European advertising was split between two agencies, both of which were located in London.

We recoupled Ryanair’s advertising and production, delivering high-quality brand and production campaigns inside Ryanair in Dublin. This made the whole process more efficient and easier to manage.

As a result, Ryanair now operate at a speed that befits their business and can drive them forward. We’re responsible for the entire creative process from ideation and pre-production to transcreation, versioning and international delivery.

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